Dr. Bauabc Hayatdavoudi now offering Body Hair Transplants (BHT)

BHT is used mainly in cases where the patient’s scalp donor area on the head is no longer suitable or dense enough for the FUE extraction of follicles.

When performed at a high level, body hair transplantation can be used as a filler in the mid scalp and crown to provide additional coverage.

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The patient featured here had a scalp and body hair combo procedure with Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi where he had 2,573 scalp grafts and 951 body hair grafts for a total of 3,524 FUE to restore the first half of his scalp

Not many clinics currently practice or offer BHT because of the high degree of difficulty. Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi is one of just a few FUE surgeons worldwide to offer BHT to patients  in our Los Angeles offices and he has had amazing success with it.

Dr. Baubac has performed hundreds of scalp hair and body hair combo hair restorations where the hairline is comprised of only scalp hair, then as the scalp goes back body hair is placed in between and blended in with existing hair and transplanted scalp hair to make for a fuller and natural look.

Body hair that is used by Dr. Baubac for such procedures come from the beard, chest and back.

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