Alvi Armani, known across the world for realistic hairlines and natural results since 1999 now offers Mircorpigmentation as a solution to hairloss. Micro pigmentation or SMP (scalp micopigmentation) is used by AlviArmani to simulate and improve the appearance of your hair. Unlike tattooing, pigments we use are iron oxide free that results in no change in the color of the pigments over time. It offers the advantage of the appearance of maximal improvement with the least amount of time, effort, and economics. Using specialized pigments matched to tonality of your skin, micro pigmentation is used to enhance the appearance of your hair, eyelashes, beard, and repairs of antiquated FUSS procedure strips along with the use of PRP.


SMP is used to give the look of a full shaved head, create frontal and rear hairlines, restore the appearance of density or permanently camouflage the symptoms of all alopecias. Procedure involves use of a topical anesthetic to numb the area before applying skin matched pigments by use of a handpiece in the hands of practitioners whom are highly trained in our method of SMP.

Benefits of Micropigmentation:

Gives the appearance of a full head of hair

Gives the appearance of added density

Used to repair scars from the FUSS procedure

Used to define the hairline

Treatment comprise of consultation where your questions are answered and expectations discussed.  2-3 sessions may be needed for your final results as the final appearance is gradually created  using multiple pigment shades to mimic a natural 3D appearance, and needle spacing that deposit pigments in the superficial layer of skin in a design determined by your natural remaining hair using the most innovative technique and technology.

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