AlviArmani patient’s are seeing faster results and growth with PRP in combination with their Hair Restoration procedure

We have been offering Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment in combination with a Hair Restoration procedure to hair loss patients for a few years now in our Beverly Hills Clinic.

A patient will have a PRP Session along with the FUE Hair Restoration procedure on the same day.

What we have been seeing with these patients who receive both treatments are:

– Faster healing times post procedure

– Much less shedding of the transplanted grafts after the procedure

– Higher retention of grafts post procedure

– Quicker regrowth of grafts and faster results

For illustration:

The patient below had a 3,000 graft FUE hair restoration for zones 1 and 2 with Dr. Baubac Hayadtavoudi in our Beverly Hills Clinic. He also had PRP.

Here is a comparison photo of the patient before, and then the patient 30 days after his procedure.


As you can see the patient is much further along than most all patients would be after a normal hair restoration.

This patient at 30 days post op from his hair restoration and PRP combo had little shedding and a high retention of his Transplanted grafts.

He is already seeing new growth at 1 month post procedure.

Normally new growth from a Hair restoration procedure does not start until 3 – 4 months post op. This patient at 30 days is already seeing a very good amount of new growth.

His Hairline is already coming in as is the temples and growth has already started in all areas where the procedure took place.